Get To Know Me

My business is named after my father Appoleon Ducamel Lubin, who was called home on April 23,2015. His death happened so abruptly. He passed from a massive heart attack and I still deal with the pain on a daily basis. My only WISH is that I had more time to spend with him but my time got cut short. He is the most hardworking man I’ve EVER met in my LIFE and all of those qualities he instilled in my siblings and I. Everything he did was from the HEART; his generosity, his presence, his demeanor and his authority. My daddy did not play that lol. EVERYONE that knew LUBIN or had the opportunity to meet him, knows that he was Truly an angle on this earth.   
This is more than a business this is my HEART, something that I am PASSIONATE about. Providing exceptional service and the purest of products to everyone from infants to adult both men and woman.    
Thank you for your support.