The Perfect Man Body Lotion

The Perfect Man Body Lotion

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The Perfect Man Body Lotion- As perfect as you are, this an amazing addition to
your collection. Made with Sunflower oil which is rich in Vitamin E. Our body
lotion helps moisturize and regenerate your skin. Also, has the ability to help
heal wounds, sores and stimulate growth of healthy tissue.

Please inquire about allergies, prior to purchasing.

Avoid eye contact. Irritation & burning may occur. If so immediately rinse with
cold water. Should irritation continue, please contact a physician. 

Test product in a small area of the skin prior to applying all over. 

Designs may vary. 

Store in a dark cool place. If introduce to moisture & excess heat may cause
products to loose its main properties. 

I am not a medical professional giving medical advice. Please do research on the
benefits of each ingredient. 

I am not making claims on what each product does. I have researched and stated
what each ingredient “May” do to your skin.