The Rejuvenator Essential Soap Bar
The Rejuvenator Essential Soap Bar

The Rejuvenator Essential Soap Bar

The ingredients in this soap bar may assist with scars & skin rejuvenate, stimulates new skin growth. Made with tumeric, licorice root, Comfrey and Chickweed and a blend of citrus essential oils. 
Comfrey- Helps with eczema and stimulates new skin growth.
Chickweed-  Soothes irritated skin, acne and relieves itching.
Turmeric- Antibacterial & antimicrobial, calms dry skin, may heal wounds and improves skin appearance.
Licorice Root- helps with light skin discoloration, absorbs UV rays, inflammation and eczema and insect bites. 
A Blend of citrus essential oils- helps with scars, 
dull skin, acne, oily skin, excess sweat,  itching and stretch marks. 
Please inquire about allergies, prior to purchasing.
Avoid eye contact. Irritation & burning may occur. If so immediately rinse with cold water. Should irritation continue, please contact a physician. 
Test product in a small area of the skin prior to applying all over. 
Designs may vary. 
Store in a dark cool place. If introduce to moisture & excess heat may cause products to loose its main properties. 
I am not a medical professional giving medical advice. Please do research on the benefits of each ingredient. 
I am not making claims on what each product does. I have researched and stated what each ingredient “May” do to your skin.